Exposure 2016 a huge success

Exposure 2016 saw communities from all over South Australia travel to Port Augusta to join with locals and talk nuclear waste. Over 100 people passed through the registration desk to engage in sessions and workshops, share ideas and a yarn, get inspired and work together for future action against state and federal government’s plans to build nuclear waste dumps in S.A.

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  • Eelco Dyk
    We the people of sa had a vote already and outcome was NO THEY DID NOT WANT A NUCLEAR DUMP so why is the government still at it try a different way offer the people of Hawker 2 million dollars a carrot when tourism earns 160 million dollars,it will distroy the area,it will devalue the land value of neighbouring stations,who wants to eat beef that is grown next to a nuclear dump,let alone to be known as the nuclear dump state so called low grade,once the government have their way it will become the world nuclear dump,politicians never talk the truth,they quit their job,walk across the floor change tier mind,but we’re stuck with a nuclear dump.I don’t trust the government at all,and I say no to a nuclear dump in our state.
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