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  • Karina Lester
    Yankunytjatjara Native Title Aboriginal Corporation endorse the No Dump Alliance.
  • Anonymous
  • Leonie Ebert
    I'm endorsing No Dump Alliance. Please join me!
  • Leonie Ebert
    We have supported this individually and through our work with Nuclear Futures which is exposing the legacy of the autonomic age through the creative arts ( This has resulted in placing the first Australian sculpture in Nagasaki Peace Park. The Peace Foundation is also involved in commemorating Hiroshima Day in Adelaide. We are connected to Making Waves, Peace Groups Hiroshima, Basel and in Vienna
  • Kerry Laws
    Uranium Free NSW rejects the Australian Government’s approach to finding a site for the country’s nuclear waste. Both state and national governments need to listen to the wishes of the First Nations people, and show respect for their culture and relationship to Country. Moreover, to put an end to this toxic circle, they should cease all uranium mining, and stop all production of radioactive isotopes at the Lucas Hts reactor.
  • Kerry Laws
  • Toni Scott
  • Scott Sanders
  • Dash Taylor Johnson
  • Anne McMenamin
  • Paul Dorfman
  • Larissa Baldwin
  • Max Baumann
  • Gabrielle Travers
    As Sisters of Mercy responding to Pope Francis’ call to heed the cry of the Earth,

    we do not support any importation to or storage of nuclear waste in South Australia.
  • No Dump Alliance
  • Craig Wilkins
  • Daniel Spencer
  • Jamie Newlyn
  • Margaret Beavis
  • Breana Macpherson-Rice
    As students, we reject the continued push for both national and international nuclear waste dumps in Australia, particularly when these are proposed out of sight & out of mind where they will affect First Nations communities.
  • Will Kirtland
  • Libbi Duffy
    I'm endorsing No Dump Alliance. Please join me!
  • Libbi Duffy
    I'm endorsing No Dump Alliance. Please join me!
  • Maureen Arnott
  • Marcus Atkinson
  • Graham Aitken
  • David Denborough
  • Michele Madigan
    The Josephite SA Reconciliation Circle again urgently calls on the Royal Commission and SA government to be completely transparent about the huge risks that they are asking the small community of South Australia to burden the land, the groundwaters, themselves, and the future generations with – forever.

    We stand in solidarity with the Traditional Owners of Yalata/Maralinga‘ We are determined not to have this poison- this radioactive waste.

    We said ‘No’ last year and we say ‘No’ now.

    A lot of people died from that poison. We want to keep the young generations.

    Think about it! Not only white people live in Australia.’

    Mima Smart, OAM former longterm Chairperson and Russell Bryant present Chairperson

    Yalata Community Inc. 11th March 2016.

    Our Circle’s Chairperson Dr Alitya Rigney, Kaurna/Narrunga Elder: ‘ Starting from when the bombs were exploded, the government didn’t provide protection to the people. The Commission and the Government should read ‘Maralinga’s Long Shadow.’ It’s just heartbreaking to read. And I’ve seen for myself some of the grandchildren who have sickness and great grandchildren with genetic defects. I’m just so sad to see and hear all that. And to think now that it’s all starting again!’
  • Beyond Nuclear Initiative
  • Jim Greeny
    Better active today than radioactive tomorrow.

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