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The No Dump Alliance is a broad cross-section of South Australian civil society, including Indigenous, public health, trade union, faith and environment groups, academics and concerned individuals that have come together to oppose proposals to open South Australia up to international high-level nuclear waste importation and dumping. The Alliance also opposes the federal government's continued push to establish a national nuclear waste dump on remote communities.

The No Dump Alliance

    • Supports local communities to voice their concerns
    • Insists government uphold legislation that currently prohibits a nuclear waste dump in SA
    • Calls for a better process in the management of Australia’s nuclear waste


GOAL: 10,000 members

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  • Tut Jonathan
    Already posted by me today – Jonathan.
  • Athena Hook
    I will be heading to the Flinders Ranges to stay at Iga Warta for a while and would love to help out with this campaign as much as i possibly can from there. Let me know if there is anything i can do.
  • Mathilda Meinecke
  • Eliza Hart

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GOAL: 10,000 Members

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