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The No Dump Alliance is a broad cross-section of South Australian civil society, including Indigenous, public health, trade union, faith and environment groups, academics and concerned individuals that have come together to oppose proposals to open South Australia up to international high-level nuclear waste importation and dumping. The Alliance also opposes the federal government's continued push to establish a national nuclear waste dump on remote communities.

The No Dump Alliance

    • Supports local communities to voice their concerns
    • Insists government uphold legislation that currently prohibits a nuclear waste dump in SA
    • Calls for a better process in the management of Australia’s nuclear waste


GOAL: 10,000 members

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  • Daniel Reiman
    We should be asking ourselves how a Government that is supposed to protect the interests of the people can propose to turn this beautiful country in to a nuclear waste dump… It is very obvious that they have been corrupted beyond belief and the people need to do something about this issue.
  • David Wood
    We have the same goal here in South Bruce, Ontario, Canada. Perhaps we can share noes on strategy.
  • Sam Doctor
  • Adam Broinowski
  • Sebastian Tops
  • Dr Elvianna Dorante-Day
  • Michele Nunan
  • Hakan Kemal
    I think i may have been previous member, but just checking in again. Thankyou
  • Naomi Law
  • Erica Corr
  • Brigid Knight-Braniff
  • Sophia Loprete
  • Will Ross
    William Ross
  • Lydea Phillips
  • Colin Ball
  • Jim Green
  • Enya Chitty
  • K-A Garlick
  • Elizabeth Crisp
  • Andrew Williams
  • Helen Dunstan
  • Bridget Sweeney
  • Aaron Oehms
  • Sarah Barker
  • Jaime-Lee Willoughby
  • Teresa Chan
    I am not an Australian but I am really impressed by what you’re doing. Southern Australia is more than a nuclear waste dump.
  • Gabrielle McDermott
  • Jessica Williams
  • Beverley Spriggs
  • Nouhad Aoukar

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