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JUNE 7, 2017

No Dump Alliance relieved as Jay announces international nuclear waste dump plan ‘dead’.

The No Dump Alliance today welcomed Premier Jay Weatherill’s statement that an international nuclear waste dump will not be pursued by his Government. Premier Weatherill outlined that there is “no foreseeable opportunity for this" and confirmed he would not pursue any nuclear waste plans if his party was re-elected.


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Jay declares nuke dump "dead"!

Article from InDaily 
Wednesday June 7th, 2017

"There’s no foreseeable opportunity for this": Jay declares nuke dump "dead"

Premier Jay Weatherill has officially walked away from one of the major policy hallmarks of his term in Government, pronouncing the nuclear waste dump “dead” and vowing he will not revisit it if he wins another term in office.

The position appears a significant rhetorical shift from his stance last November, when he pledged to keep the debate alive ahead of a future referendum on the issue of nuclear waste storage, after his own Royal Commission found establishing a local industry could net a “$100 billion income in excess of expenditure”.

At the time, his position was seen by critics both inside the Labor Party and more broadly as a refusal to abandon the nuclear dream.

But asked about the future of the nuclear dump at a public forum in Victor Harbor this week, Weatherill declared the project “dead”.

“Yeah it is,” he reaffirmed to InDaily today.

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CARA closes its doors

In March, CARA - Consultation and Response Agency - closed. 
CARA ran the largest state wide consultation ever - focusing on the outcomes of the Nuclear Royal Commission, and in particular the pursuit of a high level nuclear waste dump in SA. The blue and white 'Know Nuclear' will no longer be active on social media - Read the government's release

Alongside you, we let our position be known loud and clear and our opposition to this plan stays the same. We are committed to continue to push our leaders to drop this plan once and for all.

Exposure 2016 a huge success

Exposure 2016 saw communities from all over South Australia travel to Port Augusta to join with locals and talk nuclear waste. Over 100 people passed through the registration desk to engage in sessions and workshops, share ideas and a yarn, get inspired and work together for future action against state and federal government’s plans to build nuclear waste dumps in S.A.

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Richard Blandy and the Citizen's Jury

“…after hearing from experts, the jury questioned the economic underpinnings of the [nuclear royal] commission’s findings.”  

Read Richard Blandy’s article referring to his involvement with the Citizen’s Jury and arguing that the economics of the dump are highly speculative and may easily be wrong.



Report reveals some alarming truths

Long term anti nuclear campaigner, and No Dump Alliance member, David Noonan presents Nuclear Port; a two page brief that reveals some alarming information hidden in the 320 pages of the Nuclear Royal Commission Report.

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SA groups launch No Dump Alliance in response to nuclear Royal Commission findings

Following the recommendation of the Nuclear Royal Commission to pursue a high level nuclear waste dump in SA, Traditional Owners and representatives from health, union, faith, and conservation groups, and other prominent South Australians have responded by launching the 'No Dump Alliance.'

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Royal Commission hands down final report

On Monday May 9 the Government releases the final report from the Nuclear fuel cycle Royal Commission reporting positively on developing a high-level nuclear waste dump in South Australia.