National Waste Dump

The case for an independent inquiry detailed in paper produced by Friends of the Earth, the Australian Conservation Foundation and the Beyond Nuclear Initiative. 
Information put together by Friends of the Earth, Australia outlining the nation's nuclear waste, nuclear hazards, the national radioactive waste management act, nuclear medicine and a responsible approach to nuclear waste management.

Federal Government nuclear fuel waste store targets SA postcodes 
April 2017 - A two page briefer by Independent environmental campaigner David Noonan.

International Waste Dump

Statement of Concern
Official statement from the No Dump Alliance against the high level International nuclear waste dump.

Standing Strong
February 2018 - Book about the campaign against the international nuclear waste dump.

Loud and Clear 
December 2016 - A report produced by the Conservation Council SA and No Dump Alliance on the state government's ‘consultation’ process and overwhelming community opposition. 

Fact Sheets

A high-level nuclear waste dump for SA; The big questions

A high-level nuclear waste dump for SA; Can it be done safely?

A high-level nuclear waste dump for SA; Should we do it for the money?

A high-level nuclear waste dump for SA; What is our moral obligation?


Posters and flyers

Download the poster by SA artist Jake Holmes to display in your community


Member Statements



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