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The Governments say that no nuclear waste dump will go ahead without community consent. We need to gain momentum, get inspired and get involved. Become a No Dump Alliance member and encourage others to do the same, send a message to your MP, print posters and distribute in your town, talk to your neighbour.. 

Lets stand together, ensure our future and say NO! SA is too good to waste.



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  • Patty Mattos
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  • Eelco Dyk
    Let’s hope we get more support we need to share our stories,we don’t want an other maralinga to deal with,that land is useless forever,and now the government wants to make an other huge mistake we don’t want the worlds nuclear waste here In our state we all have to live here in this beautiful place.
  • Vicki Philipp
    I’m standing with No Dump Alliance
  • Ruben Rubens
    cool camel
  • Ruben Rubens
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